Pilates is a full body workout with an emphasis on the core.  It aims to foster a balanced physique, helping to prevent injury from the overuse of dominant muscle groups.  It can be performed by students of all ages and can accommodate a variety of physical limitations.

Pilates is great for safely increasing core strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and overall body conditioning, plus it also makes you feel great! Pilates has also been reported to improve your sex life (but I can't promise that!) Pilates is also immensely engaging and is a true MIND/BODY experience!

Lula Body offers a range of services tailored to individual and group needs.  Our Brooklyn studio is equipped with 2 reformers, a cadillac, ladder barrel and both low and high chairs. We offer small group springboard and mat classes.  Our spring and floor work incorporates both traditional and non traditional work with an emphasis on structural alignment and joint mobilization. We use a combination of foam rollers, free weights, springs, Thera-bands, magic circles and Swiss balls across different classes .  Services are also available in the privacy of your own home or office.  There is a reason why so many athletes choose Pilates as a compliment to their regular strengthening routine. Come and experience why.

We look forward to working with you and accomplishing your fitness goals.