Tara Kashyap , LulaBody owner & instructor

Tara Kashyap, LulaBody owner & instructor

Tara Kashyap, owner of LulaBody.

I have been practicing Pilates since my early 20's.  In that time I have been through many different phases and challenges in my life.  Most of all I have found that when I have a strong, well aligned physique, I stand a much better chance at facing the world with fortitude and a stronger sense of control.

Regular Pilates practice has changed my body in ways that no other exercise has. The emphasis on form really assists in creating muscular balance, and assists in alleviating undue stress on the spine and overworked joints.  It still makes me feel great, and it has kept me limber, well aligned  and pain free.

I especially saw how the Pilates Method was so adept at taking me through 2 pregnancies, multiple episodes of back pain, diminished core strength and also a broken foot bone!   

I'm so excited to be teaching here in my local neighborhood of Crown Heights.  I love working with the fit and able, but my true passion is working with new moms and especially sufferers of back pain!